Acca Insurance – a licence to print risk free money

By | July 30, 2016

When I first got wind of acca insurance offers, I did immediately think that there could be risk free money to be made from them. I also did wonder just how hard it would be to work out all the permutations given the complexity of a 4 or 5 team acca bet, with regard to how to cover the bet to ensure you didn’t lose.

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With Acca Insurance (also known as money back if you miss by one) offering free bet refunds, it was easy to see that money could be made from such offers.

If you’re not sure what acca insurance is, it’s a free bet from a bookmaker if your acca bet misses by one team. Basically, you place a 5 team acca bet with a bookmaker, and if 4 win, and only one team (leg, you might have backed a draw) loses, you get your money back as a free bet.

Basically, it is a gimmick to get you placing your acca bet with your bookie, and sticking with them (always a bad idea).

Accumulator Generator has worked out a programme that shows you how to place your acca bet, cover your acca bet so it breaks even, and then hopefully gets you a free bet.

If you don’t get the free bet, you won’t lose anything though. This is what makes Accumulator Generator arguably one of the best Football Accumulator Betting Strategies around.

Accumulator Generator does all the hard work for you. It is a proven betting system that uses developed software and shows you exactly how to make risk free money from football accumulator bets.

Before I go on, for those not familiar with acca insurance offers, a typical example is this. You pick 5 teams to win on your accumulator bet, four teams win, and one team draws, which means that you miss by one. You then get a refund to the value of your accumulator bet, up to a maximum amount (usually £25.00 or £50.00, depending on which bookmaker you use).

Accumulator Generator has various methods for making guaranteed risk free money out of accumulator bets. There is 5 different betting strategies at the moment.

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One is the claiming the free bets (mentioned above) and making risk free money from them. There is even an unbelievable method that sees you make more money for every match that loses in your accumulator bet!

For your money, you will get shown how to make money from a variety of different bookmakers all week on football accumulator bets. Just think how much football betting there is for a moment, with bookmakers now offering bets on matches from around the world, you can easily do an accumulator bet, and use this system every day.

There are also numerous bookmakers out there, so if you are prepared to put the work in, there is no end of money that can be made. Using the Accumulator Generator methods you can have bets every day with as many bookmakers as you wish using this football betting system.

There are video instructions showing you what an accumulator bet is, so no previous football betting experience is required. There is also written instructions on all the betting strategies, as well as video example of how the strategies work.

Accumulator Generator Direct Link

Accumulator Generator

You will need to use the Accumulator Generator calculator to work out how much money you need to place and lay on your bets, again, all this is shown to you in the training videos.

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